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  SUMMA Marketing Communications will develop an overall communications strategy for your company based on target market, positioning and brand identity. We will work with you to determine the objectives and direction of your marketing communications program.

Identifying Target Markets
We will help you identify and develop a profile of the groups of customers who would be most receptive to your product or service. Once we have determined these market segments, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate ones to target.

Developing Positioning
Positioning is the process of determining where you want your product, service or company to be in the mind of a potential customer. After determining what the target audience will be receptive to, we can assist you in developing your company's image to occupy that distinctive place. During this process, we will develop both a value proposition and a positioning statement – reasons why your target should use you as opposed to anyone else.

Developing Brand Identity
Your brand is a complex combination of elements that together effectively communicate your position to your customer. This combination includes anything your customers see about your company and where they see it. When building your brand identity, we consider what attributes, benefits and values your brand should communicate. Based on that, we assist you in making decisions about your name, logo, colors, taglines, overall visual style, message development and channels that will consistently represent your company.
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